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Lynn Bowden has a message for the Big Blue Nation

Bowden was not shy in asking the fanbase for their continued support.

Drew Brown - A Sea of Blue

The Big Blue Nation may have some genuine frustrations about Kentucky Football right now, but questioning effort, especially that of Lynn Bowden, is not something that has much merit.

Despite a disappointing performance in UK’s 21-0 loss in Athens, it was clear that Bowden gave it absolutely everything he had.

On Sunday evening, the junior wide receiver converted to quarterback took to Twitter to ask the fans for their continued support.

Bowden nearly single handedly one the Wildcats their game two weeks ago against Arkansas, and there is no doubt that he will be heavily relied upon for the remaining five games of the season. He has put his body on the line by shifting positions and taking far more hits than he would have while playing wide receiver.

The football Cats will also now have the competing interest of the basketball season starting, so it is important for the fan base to stay locked in and support these guys as they fight to make a bowl game. They need all the home support they can get Saturday when Missouri comes to town, and the same will be true in upcoming games at Vanderbilt and vs. Tennessee.