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Cade Cunningham has positive reviews on UK; Scottie Barnes planning visit

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Cunningham loves what Coach Cal has to offer, and he’s good friends with several UK commits.

Cade Cunningham, Scottie Barnes Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Kentucky Basketball is one of the most prestigious college basketball programs in America. Year after year, the college is able to secure some of the nation’s top recruits.

Given that they’ve produced players like Anthony Davis, John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins, there’s no surprise that many want to get in on the top-tier coaching and development.

That said, the most recent top-level recruit to consider Kentucky is the No. 2 player in the Class of 2020, Cade Cunningham. He’s the top available player after No. 1 recruit Evan Mobley committed to USC.

Cunningham is the best player from Texas and the No. 1 overall combo guard. He’s currently finishing his visits while preparing for his last season at Montverde Academy, a school that’s produced players like D’Angelo Russell.

While Cunningham is projected to commit to Oklahoma State after they added his brother to the coaching staff, he has yet to decide and sees himself at any of his final five schools, which includes Kentucky.

Cunningham talked to Rivals’ Corey Evans about each of the schools in his final five. When mentioning Kentucky, Cunningham noted his close ties with many of their recruits and even former players.

“Coach Cal (John Calipari), his main thing is, I have just been very transparent with all of the coaches recruiting me and I don’t want to just make it to the league but rather, I want to be an all-star and a max contract guy.

“Terrence Clarke and Brandon Boston are both my guys, those are guys that I know that I would be able to fit with, even if no one else thinks so. I talk to them a lot. Lance Ware is one of my really good friends, and even Cam Fletcher I am really good with, so I am really cool with all of those guys and talking to De’Aaron Fox and Tyrese (Maxey) and guys like that, they have all said that it is a place that I can really develop and work on my game. It is also on this humongous stage, so he has had a really good pitch so far. So, I really want to go and see it.”

Already with hard commits from Terence Clarke and Brandon Boston, the No. 4 and No. 13 players in the nation respectively, Kentucky could easily be a lock for the best class if they snag Cunningham as well. It certainly sounds like he’d be happy teaming up with those guys.

Having yet to visit UK, Cunningham said he’s expecting to have those done by early November, with his decision hopefully coming shortly after.

Elsewhere, fellow Rivals analyst Eric Bossi reports that five-star forward Scottie Barnes is working on a visit to UK. That’s certainly a positive development in a recruitment that looked like UK was already out of.

Barnes is a 6-8 versatile wing that can hurt you from anywhere on the court. He has narrowed his list down to eight teams, and while UK is on that list., there’s been virtually no buzz for the Cats in this recruitment since the spring, as it appeared Calipari was focusing on other recruits who he had a better shot with.

But if Barnes is planning to visit UK and Calipari is open to having it, he must think UK still has a real shot at Barnes. For now, the Oregon Ducks are viewed as the significant favorite for the Montverde Academy product.

Speaking of, Cunningham and Barnes will be teammates for their final seasons of high school basketball, so maybe whoever gets Cunningham will have a real shot at his teammate.

Imagine a team with Cunningham, Barnes, Clarke and Boston in the lineup. Too good to be true.

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