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Box score and MVP from Kentucky vs. Georgia

An ugly but hard-fought game for the Cats.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to horrendous weather, the Kentucky Wildcats stayed in the game against the No. 10 Georgia Bulldogs until midway through the third quarter. That is when the Bulldogs broke the 0-0 tied and never looked back, rushing for three touchdowns to a 21-0 victory

Few, if any, expected the Wildcats to have a chance in this game. So the simple fact that they held Georgia without scoring for two and a half quarters is very impressive. Aided by the rainy conditions, Kentucky’s defense was able to keep Georgia’s rushing attack relatively in check while shutting down their passing game.

But eventually the defense could no longer hold the powerful Bulldogs offense, and Georgia was able to pull away.

Box Score

Game MVP

As much as Lynn Bowden carried everything the offense did, I cannot bring myself to give the MVP to a quarterback that completed less than five passes and put up zero points. So this week’s MVP is going to come from the defensive side of the ball.

The MVP of the ugliest game of the year for Kentucky is Yusuf Corker.

Corker led the team in tackles with 11, and 7 of those were solo tackles. He looked great in the open field making stops, and he led a secondary that held Jake Fromm to just 35 passing yards. Corker has been the backbone of this defensive backfield all season, and he really stepped up today in a big road game that the Wildcats actually had a chance of winning.