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Devin Askew deciding Thursday; reclassification decision coming in spring

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It’s for real this time.

HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL: AUGUST 10 Nike Academy Showcase Game Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As it turns out, Devin Askew will make his college decision Thursday.

Initially, Larry Vaught reported that Askew was planning to announce Thursday, but Askew quickly refuted that report.

But according to Evan Daniels, the decision will in fact come Thursday. Askew’s father, Brian, confirmed the news and that the announcement is at 11pm EST, so this is gonna be a late one.

Brian also said that the family will re-evaluate a decision on reclassification in the spring, but for now, his son is making his commitment as a Class of 2021 recruit.

Paul Biancardi reports that the decision will come on SportsCenter.

Daniels actually logged a crystal ball prediction in favor of Kentucky today, as it appears they’re on the verge of landing the top-10 recruit out of Mater Dei (CA). The other schools still in the running are the Louisville Cardinals, Memphis Tigers and Arizona Wildcats.

However, this has really been a Kentucky vs. Louisville battle ever since Askew scored an offer from John Calipari over the summer. Chris Mack and the Cardinals have been recruiting Askew for well over a year now, but it appears the allure of Kentucky Basketball and Coach Cal’s success with developing guards and getting them to the NBA will win out.

The real question is what class is Askew going to be part of. He’s continued to deny he’ll reclassify into 2020, yet recruiting experts have said they think the jump will be made.

Regardless of what class he’s in, Askew is a huge get for whatever program gets him. And it certainly appears the Wildcats will be the choice.

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