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UK getting Cade Cunningham would help with Greg Brown

“He’s a great player. He has great vision — great point guard, and I love playing with him.”

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Scottie Barnes just committed to Florida State, so it looks like UK getting Cade Cunningham will only help with Greg Brown.

UK has made a major move with Cade Cunningham, and it could have major ramifications in the Class of 2020.

Getting Cunningham alone could make UK the title favorite for the 2020-21 season. After all, if Cunningham were to pick UK, he’d get to team up with a pair of elite scorers in Terrence Clarke and Brandon Boston to form a monsterous backcourt, not to mention he could potentially have someone like Greg Brown or Scottie Barnes in the frontcourt.

I mention those two because Cunningham plays at Montverde Academy with Barnes. He also played with Brown on the AAU circuit, and the two Texas natives are good friends. There’s been a belief that whoever lands Cunningham will make a big jump in the recruitment of Brown, and he seemed to acknowledge as much.

In an interview with the Herald-Leader, Brown spoke about how much he and Cunningham enjoy playing together, and how that could help the school that lands Cunningham.

“We just instantly had that connection once we got on the floor together, and it just took off from there,” Brown told the Herald-Leader. “He’s a great player. He has great vision — great point guard, and I love playing with him.”

Brown added that — while he will make an independent college decision — he and Cunningham have talked about going to the same school. Brown’s father was well aware that Cunningham was on UK’s campus this past weekend. He plans to get a review of that trip very soon.

Brown is currently planning to visit UK in January, so even if UK gets Cunningham, this recruitment would still likely drag into the spring. And you still can’t discount Texas, as Brown is an Austin native, and both of his parents are Longhorn alumni.

As for Barnes, he’s set to officially visit UK this coming weekend and will make his commitment this fall. He too admitted UK getting Brown would make the Wildcats more attractive in his recruitment.

“Yeah, it would,” said Barnes. “Because I know how great of a teammate he is. He’s also a leader. … He likes to motivate people on the court. He’s just a great guy.”

Barnes is set to visit UK this coming weekend and decide later this fall. While Florida State and Oregon are thought to be ahead of UK, getting Cunningham could change things with Barnes.

But first things first. UK has to finish their recruitment of Cunningham and gain a commitment from him for any of this to matter.

And frankly, it’s hard to see UK getting Cunningham, Barnes and Brown with Clarke and Boston already committed. That’s far too many mouths to feed, so I imagine UK will try to get Barnes and call it a day since he’ll commit first.

Then if they miss on Barnes, they can go all-in for Brown, assuming he doesn’t change his mind and commit this fall.

Be sure to read the full Herald-Leader report for more insight into these recruitments, as well as what it could mean with UK target Devin Askew.

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