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De’Aaron Fox was set on the NBA, even if players were paid

A former Kentucky Wildcat star had his mind set on the NBA and being paid in college wouldn’t have changed that.

Sea of Blue

With all of the talk about collegiate athletes wanting to be compensated for their contribution to the millions of dollars each university makes per year, a former Kentucky Wildcats star, who’s now excelling in the NBA, was asked if being compensated in college would have changed his decision to go pro.

Sacramento Kings star point guard De’Aaron Fox had a simple answer to if paying one-and-done players like himself would have kept him at Kentucky for at least another year.

After Fox and his fellow running mates Bam Adebayo and Malik Monk left for the NBA draft, Kentucky followed up an Elite Eight exit in 2017 with a disappointing Sweet 16 loss in 2018. Of course, Kentucky would have most certainly made it much further into the 2018 postseason if they had at least Fox for a second year, but it sounds like the star guard wouldn’t have stayed for a second stint even if he was paid.

It’s hard to blame Fox, too. After spending just two years in The Association, the Kings star has made over $10 million (and there’s almost no way he would’ve sniffed anywhere close to that amount if being paid in college).

Fox did say, though, that the discussions of athletes being compensated is a “good step forward.”