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Sawyer Smith ready to go vs. Arkansas

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Smith says he’s feeling good after a much-needed week of rest and recovery.

Kentucky v South Carolina Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

It’s been nearly two full weeks since we’ve seen the Kentucky Football team play a game.

The last time we did see them play, it was disappointing to say the least. The offense looked lost and the defense played well, they just couldn’t maintain a high level of play due to being on the field for so long.

We also saw an injured Sawyer Smith out there barely being able to throw over 15 yards. It was tough to watch as it was obvious that he was playing hurt.

With all that being said, the Cats have a brand new opportunity to turn the season around and Smith is claiming that he feels good.

“I feel good. Time for healing is everything,” Smith said following Wednesday’s practice. “A little bit of ice, a little bit of heat, so I’m feeling a little better.”

This is definitely encouraging to hear, as Smith just hasn’t been the same after he made that touchdown-saving tackle during the Florida game. Hopefully, he can come out on Saturday and play healthy.

“I’ve been practicing all week. I’m ready for the game,” Smith stated. “Any questions about injuries go to Coach Stoops, Coach Gran and Coach Hinshaw. I’m not a doctor. I’m out here playing football and having fun with it.”

It’s good to hear that he’s having fun with it. At the end of the day, it’s a game and the game is played better when the players are having fun doing it.

While Smith was resting, Lynn Bowden, former high school quarterback, was taking reps as QB1. Bowden has referred to playing QB multiple times on social media so it was great to see him get some of those snaps this week.

Depending on how good the coaches feel about Smith heading into the Arkansas game, don’t be surprised if we see Bowden under center more than we have in the past.

“Lynn is fun to watch out there. He can throw it. He can run it. He can do whatever you want. He’s back there doing a good job with it. He’s handling everything well.”

Arkansas is no easy task. They are a talented football team who has given some good times a lot of fits this year.

The past few games may not have been good for Kentucky, but hopefully after the bye week the Cats have pressed the reset button. It’s time to focus on turning the year around and ending it on a good note!

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