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Thursday Quickies: Frontcourt Recruiting Edition

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A lot of targets, a lot of uncertainty

Payne Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Kentucky continues to target several players for the frontcourt in 2020 but a lot of uncertainty remains as the Cats try to fill out what expects to be an empty frontcourt.

Among the players the Cats are recruiting: Greg Brown, Scottie Barnes, Isaiah Jackson, Cliff Omoruyi, JJ Traynor, and Marial Mading.

And that’s not even mentioning possible 2021 reclassification candidates like Paolo Banchero and Jonathan Kuminga.

That group includes a mix of traditional big men, long and athletic shot blockers, small ball fours, and more. We also shouldn’t discount the possibility of a graduate transfer, a path John Calipari has taken with the last two recruiting classes.

That group also once was featured by Isaiah Todd, but Todd cut Kentucky from his list after it seems he and Kentucky went different ways, reportedly due to some possible concerns that Todd may end up playing overseas, following the same path as RJ Hampton.

Looking at that group, Kentucky will likely need 2-3 more frontcourt players to join the 2020 class alongside Lance Ware as Nick Richards and EJ Montgomery are expected to leave and Nate Sestina is a senior.

Kentucky seems to be in good shape with nearly each of their targets, but the Cats aren’t viewed as a heavy favorite in any of their recruitments. This seems to be a situation that Kentucky has found itself in with recent classes, casting a wide net with frontcourt targets and watching the dominoes fall how they may.

These dominoes will soon start following and it’ll be interesting to see how Kentucky comes out. If I’m making my guess, I expect the Cats to land Brown and Isaiah Jackson, with a possible graduate transfer. At this point though, that’s a huge guess and my prediction may change in a day or two.

With so much uncertainty, how do you think Kentucky’s frontcourt recruiting will shake out?

Tweet of the Day

All Cats.


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