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Are UK players calling for Lynn Bowden at QB?

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Mark Stoops did say UK will use Bowden at QB this week.

Kentucky v South Carolina Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

With Sawyer Smith obviously not 100% healthy, and fourth stringer Walker Wood having had a slew of surgeries in his career, Lynn Bowden may get the nod at quarterback for the Kentucky Wildcats in two weeks time vs Arkansas.

UK players are calling for Lynn Bowden to be QB1:

The tweet has since been deleted, but we may have just gotten some intel on who Kentucky does plan on, or wants to, start at quarterback against the Razorbacks.

On Monday, Mark Stoops say Bowden will play a lot of QB this week in practice while Smith sits out and gets a full week to recover. So perhaps the players are thinking this means Bowden will start at quarterback.

Obviously, this is not a situation that Kentucky wants to be in, having your best receiver playing quarterback, but at this point you have nothing else to lose, and you can’t rely on true freshman Amani Gilmore, so Bowden is your best option.

Bowden did play a little quarterback in high school, as he was an all-around athlete on the field, and we have seen Bowden throw a few passes here and there.

If Kentucky does stick with Bowden going forward, at least for the near future, they can’t simply run a standard offense that has Bowden drop back to pass. It will have to be a more revamped version of the Wildcat offense that can keep teams guessing as to what comes next.

Now, with how the coaching and execution has been this season, that is easier said than done.

Let’s just sit back and see what happens.