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Monday Quickies: Back on Track Edition

I address some of the comments from yesterday’s quickies and look back at the loss at Alabama.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Alright so I read all of the comments from my Quickies yesterday and I must say that I was a little taken aback by some of them.

Part of my job here is to be as honest and as forthright as I can be. I was disappointed in the loss at Alabama for a few reasons: I don’t think Alabama is very good, the effort we have seen just wasn’t there for most of the second half, and I think some guys reverted.

In no way am I giving up on this team. In fact I stated the following:

And yes, I understand SEC losses happen, especially on the road, but much of my problem has to do with Calipari continuing to hype this team and then the exact opposite happens.

Do I think they’re good? Absolutely. Do I think they have a chance at a Final Four? I’m less sure of that than I was a week ago but they have the pieces.

Does that sound like someone that thinks the sky is falling or is giving up on the team? Absolutely not. That sounds like someone that likes the pieces but acknowledges that, despite of what we all thought going into the game, this team has some work to do. Which is fine.

I was very surprised at the hyperbolic statements from some of our loyal readers. Much more hyperbolic in their take on man fandom than the hyperbole I was accused of in regards to this basketball team.

Regardless, I’m ready for this team to get back on track vs. Texas A&M tomorrow night I will believe they will do just that.

Tweets of the Day

My wife is a Bears fan and her reaction after he missed the second attempt made me very sad.

And it looks as if Cody Parkey is absolved to some degree as the kick looked to be tipped at the line.

International Calipari!


Wildcats absent from final ESPN Power Rankings | Cats Pause- Completely and utterly absurd. No other way to describe this crap.

Udoka Azubuike out for the season | ESPN- The Kansas Jayhawks big man will miss the game vs. the Kentucky Wildcats in Rupp Arena later this month. This is a huge blow to their national title aspirations.

Recapping the loss to Alabama | Still sucks.

Cats fall at Mississippi State | UK Athletics- The 16th ranked ladies added a road loss to their W/L column like the men did as they lost to 7th ranked Mississippi State over the weekend.

Thom Thibodeau fired from Minnesota | CBS- Things never really felt right when Thibs took over in Minny and the franchise is moving onward. But if the rumors are true and his replacement is either Fred Hoiberg or Chauncey Billups then I can’t say they are moving upward. BARF.

Lamar Jackson’s loss a win? | Sporting News- Yes, Lamar Jackson was impressive in his comeback attempt vs. the Chargers in the Ravens home playoff loss yesterday. But it doesn’t erase the fact that he was absolutely abysmal for three quarters. Oh and 14 turnovers in 8 games ain’t great.

Luke Walton wants more passion from Ball and Ingram | ESPN- While both players have shown flashes of why they were drafted so high, neither guy is consistent and both look half asleep in most of their games.