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Lynn Bowden met the woman he accidentally knocked down in Citrus Bowl

The woman is fine after the scary hit during the Citrus Bowl.


During Kentucky’s Citrus Bowl win over Penn State, Kentucky’s star wide receiver Lynn Bowden was pushed out of bounds late by Penn State defenders.

Not only was there a 15-yard penalty, but a woman on the slide line took a hit as Bowden accidentally knocked her down when falling from the late hit.

That woman was Melanie Fish, a public relations specialist for VRBO, the Citrus Bowl’s sponsor.

Unseen in the video was Bowden worried for Fish’s well being helping her up and ignoring teammates who were checking on him as he tended to Fish, who appeared to be a little dazed following the hit, and she was eventually escorted into the stadium, likely to be examined by medical personnel.

After the game, Lynn made sure to check in on the victim once more.

A great act of class by the man who is now the heart and sole of Kentucky’s offense.