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Mark Stoops earns bonus for Citrus Bowl victory

More winning means more money for Stoops.

Middle Tennessee v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Life keeps getting better and better for Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops.

The SEC Coach of the Year led Kentucky to its first 10-win season since 1977.

With the massive program accomplishment comes a massive bonus for Stoops.

Stoops earned an additional one-year on his contract after Kentucky’s win over Missouri for winning seven games.

Now, he's earned another year of job security.

The 10-win season gives Stoops another year meaning he is now under contract through 2025.

Kentucky fans can only Stoops continues to reel in the cash.

The more money Stoops makes means the more success the program must be having. It will also make Stoops less likely to leave Kentucky. Wildcat fans had their first scare after there was potential interest in Stoops from Miami last week. Luckily, the Hurricanes went in a different direction.

This bonus is a massive accomplishment for Stoops and is well earned, as his vision for the program he set in 2013 is finally starting to come to light.