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Kentucky’s 3-point shooting and defense is improving

Kentucky has made great progress in two areas that were big weaknesses early on.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at North Carolina David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that early in the season Kentucky struggled with both three-point shooting and three-point defense. However, over the last six games Kentucky has steadily improved on both of those.

The last six opponents that Kentucky has faced include Monmouth, UNC Greensboro, Seton Hall, Utah, North Carolina and Louisville.

In a 90-44 win over the University of Monmouth, Kentucky shot 10/24 from behind the three-point line (41.7%), and they only allowed Monmouth to shoot 2/16 from deep for a mere 12.5%.

Next up was UNC Greensboro, Kentucky didn’t take near as many shots from behind the arc that game only 12 actually but they managed to hit 5/12 for 41.7% and they were able to hold UNC Greensboro to 7/20 and only 35% respectively.

Seton Hall was a little different story, however, they were able to hit a few on us with their total being 11/23 for 42.3% while Kentucky shot only 5/20 from behind the arc for a mere (25%) that contest. It should be noted that the Pirates were hitting some ridiculous threes with Kentucky defenders all over them.

Kentucky bounced back in their next game against the Utah Utes, holding them to 7/23 for only 30.4% and Kentucky was able to shoot an outstanding 12/21 from three point range for 57.1%.

In the game against the Tar Heels, Kentucky only allowed them to shoot 7/20 from deep (35%). Kentucky, however, didn’t shoot much better, as they shot 9/26 from behind the arc for 34.6%.

Against Louisville, it was a similar performance, as the Cardinals were limited to just 5/20 from deep (25%), while the Wildcats shot 6/20 (30%).

Overall, Kentucky has allowed 39/122 shooting from deep, good for a 32% rate. On the other end, Kentucky has hit 47/123 shots from deep, good for a 38.2% rate. That’s a complete flip from what it looked like early on this season, and it’s a big reason why Kentucky has looked dramatically improved recently.

These number are improving and I think you can attribute that to their improved performances as of late.