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New ESPN Bracketology gives Kentucky a favorable Duke

Aside from facing Duke, the rest of the bracket favors the Cats.

Tyler Herro Jamie Boggs - Sea of Blue

Not many teams have a better resume for the NCAA Tournament than the Kentucky Wildcats, and it shows as they are a 2 seed in the newest Bracketology by Joe Lunardi.

Right now, the Cats easily have a top four resume and are playing like one of the top five teams in the country coming off two impressive wins over top 25 teams, one of which was on the road in one of the toughest environments in the conference.

As of today, Kentucky would be the 2 seed in the East bracket playing in Jacksonville to kick off the tournament, and their first opponent would be George Mason.

The only thing to like about this bracket is the fact that Duke is the 1 seed, and many would rather that the Cats avoid having to play them again unless it is in the title game.

However, the rest of the bracket is very good for the Cats and here is who they would play each round if they were matched up with the highest seed.

When you look at that, you have to be all for those match-ups except Duke, obviously, but not having to play them until the Elite 8 is big because anything could happen, and they could get knocked out before then.

When you take a look at the remaining schedule for the Cats, you see that if they can continue this run they have been on, a 1 seed is not out of the question, especially if they can win Saturday and knock off Tennessee at least once.

Although, losing to Seton Hall and Alabama could made it very hard to attain and 1 seed, and losing those games made it where a Tennessee loss is about all they can have the rest of the year to give themselves a chance to move up.

Of course, some of these teams ahead of Kentucky will have slip ups, though they may not hurt as much if they’re to each other (Michigan - Michigan State, Duke - Virginia, etc). Even though Kentucky has a nice record and overall resume, they’re going to need a lot of help to get a 1 seed, and that includes winning the games they should, including Saturday vs. Kansas.

You can see the rest of the latest Bracketology HERE.