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A history of College Gameday and Kentucky

Kentucky has not performed as well as you might think

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats almost always gets a College GameDay every single season, whether it be at Rupp Arena or their opponent is hosting the Wildcats on GameDay.

Despite Kentucky always getting the big stage, the Wildcats do seem to struggle when it comes to GameDay being in the same building as Kentucky. The most recent GameDay win came last season as Kentucky and Kevin Knox lit up West Virginia in the second half to steal a win, but before that, the Wildcats had suffered two straight GameDay losses.

So here’s a brief breakdown of Kentucky and their wins and losses on the primetime stage on Saturday’s:

  • 2005: Mississippi State @ No. 5 Kentucky - Kentucky wins 94-78
  • 2006: Kentucky @ No. 8 Florida - Florida wins 95-80
  • 2007 (Held on the rooftop of Rupp Arena): No. 1 Florida @ No. 18 Kentucky - Florida wins 64-61
  • 2008: Kentucky @ Florida - Florida wins 81-70
  • 2010 (Largest crowd at Gameday event in history): No. 12 Tennessee @ No. 2 Kentucky - Kentucky wins 73-62
  • 2011: No. 11 Kentucky @ No. 23 Florida - Florida wins 70-68
  • 2012: No. 1 Kentucky @ Vanderbilt - Kentucky wins 69-63
  • 2013: Missouri @ Kentucky: Kentucky wins 90-83
  • 2014: No. 3 Florida @ No. 14 Kentucky - Florida wins 69-59
  • 2015: No. 1 Kentucky @ Florida - Kentucky wins 68-61
  • 2016: No. 20 Kentucky @ No. 4 Kansas - Kansas wins 90-84
  • 2017: No. 2 Kansas @ No. 4 Kentucky - Kansas wins 79-73
  • 2018: Kentucky @ No. 7 West Virginia - Kentucky wins 83-76

Kentucky boasts a 6-7 record when being involved in a GameDay program. The Wildcats have the most Gameday losses to Florida with five and Kentucky has lost two straight GameDay’s where their opponent has been Kansas. History certainly doesn’t favor the Wildcats, but they have a chance to get back to .500 on GameDay with a win on Saturday.

And an even more intriguing fact: Kentucky has only had one GameDay where both teams were ranked in the top-10 coming into the matchup.

Their opponent? The Kansas Jayhawks.

This Saturday will be the second time these teams will have met on GameDay in the top-10. Let’s just hope the Wildcats can pull this one out.