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Monday Quickies: Tom Brady the GOAT Edition

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NFL: AFC Championship Game-New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl is set! The Los Angeles Rams will take on the New England Patriots in Atlanta. The AFC and NFC Championship games both went into overtime and controversy.

But one thing cannot be denied: Tom Brady is the greatest Quarterback to ever play the game and there is an argument that he may be the best overall as well. In fact his legacy is untouchable.

I’m not a Patriots fan and I was rooting for the Chiefs. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate greatness when it’s right in front of me. Watching him march the Pats down the field to force overtime and then march them down the field again to win was something we have all seen multiple times before. And it never gets less amazing.

Love him or hate him, he’s the best that’s ever done it and I don’t think he’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Tweets of the Day

It’s unreal that no flag was thrown on this play. The way the NFL favors offenses now, much less has been penalized. The Saints are going to be stewing over this one for a long time and rightfully so.

Dr. King was never short on beautiful words.

This tweet was from yesterday but it may be my favorite video clip of all time. Buzz ain’t got time for that junk.


Cats coming of age is right on schedule | Cats Pause- The poise and maturity was not in doubt as the Cats defeated the Auburn Tigers. The Kentucky Wildcats stumbled a bit early in conference play but they’ve now won four in a row as they look forward to a week of home games against quality opponents.

UK Cheerleading champs again | UK Athletics- For the 24th time in the history of the program the UK cheerleaders are national champs. Now that is what dominance looks like.

CBS top 25 and 1 | CBS- Despite winning at Auburn, the Cats sit at 14 in this poll. I expect them to be hire in the NET and AP Polls today. Inexplicably Gary Parrish still has UNC knocking at the door of the top 10.

Rick Bozich top 25 | WDRB- Bozich had the Cats in the top ten with the very true caviet of “Better not relax against Mississippi State”..

Cats crack top 10 in Power Rankings | ESPN- It took a while but it finally happened. Jeff Borzello ranked Kentucky ahead of North Carolina.

UK turns the corner Part II | SB Nation- Mike Rutherford points out that the Cats look more like the team that we all thought they would at the beginning of the season but they still have some issues to work out. It’s big of him to admit it.

Payton says chief ref admits to blown call | ESPN- Saints head coach Sean Payton says he will never get over the blown call by the officials on Sunday. Payton discussed it over the phone with the officials and they admitted they got it wrong. Ouch.

NFL Overtime rules taking a beating | Sporting News- Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs didn’t get a chance to win the game on Sunday and it’s absurd. Although, I’m not sure if the Pats lost there would be as much outcry for a rules change today. Just my opinion.

What’s wrong with Kansas? | USA Today- Like Kentucky, Kansas was billed as a super team at the beginning of the season. But things seem to be going in the wrong direction for the Jayhawks while the Cats seem to be rounding into shape. Obviously losing Udoka Azubuike for the season had a major impact.