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About that PJ Washington flagrant foul...

It’s the second time this season PJ was involved in a controversial call in the final minutes.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday’s telecast, along with the officiating performance, put a dent into the quality of the contest.

The Kentucky Wildcats and Auburn Tigers put on a firework show, dueling back and forth until the buzzer sounded. While there were many “questionable” moments, one stood out above all.

With 1:53 left in regulation, Kentucky’s PJ Washington fouled Auburn’s Horace Spencer on a dunk attempt. Yes, the correct call was indeed a foul on Washington. However, that wasn’t the final slap of his wrist.

Spencer took a tumble following the contact from Washington, sending him to the ground and resulting in a sizable gash to the side of Spencer’s head. Spencer was forced to retreat to the locker room in search of medical attention.

Washington’s assessed call was then taken to the replay booth and upgraded to a flagrant one foul. Multiple shots appeared that Washington’s elbow didn’t come in contact with Spencer’s head, but that’s not how the officials saw things unfold.

The contact, overall, was nothing more than a solid foul. Spencer’s spill to the floor (resulting in the blood) was felt to cause the flagrant to be assessed.

This isn’t the first time that Washington has been on the unfair end of a flagrant call this season.

Back in December, when Kentucky laced up their shoes against Seton Hall, Washington took a jab to the throat that was deemed a “common foul.” This situation was clearly more “flagrant” material than Saturday’s but, of course, there wasn’t blood in the picture.