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Social media reactions to Kentucky crushing Georgia

Georgia’s AD actually confiscated this sign. Salty.

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Drew Franklin

The Kentucky Wildcats get a good road conference win by going down into Athens and handing it to the Georgia Bulldogs in another good defensive performance by the Wildcats. Kentucky held their opponent to under 50 points for the second straight game.

Ashton Hagans has been making his case as the Wildcats’ best player for the past four games, putting up yet another fantastic game with 23 points in his homecoming game.

Not to be negative Nancy about the game, but Keldon Johnson had zero points during the entire game with a big road game at Auburn looming. If Kentucky wants even a shot of beating the Tigers in Auburn, Keldon Johnson has to show up for that game.

That being said, Kentucky gets a road win in conference play. Any road win in the SEC is a good win. Here’s what social media had to say:

After Eddie Gran turned down Georgia, one UK fan had the perfect sign that made Georgia even saltier:

Georgia media want you to believe Gran wasn’t offered the offensive coordinator spot. Ok.

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