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This quote from Roy Williams is hilarious in hindsight

Academics and honesty don’t exist down in Chapel Hill apparently.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at N.C. State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports


North Carolina just lost at home to 10-5 Louisville (who just lost to Pitt) by 21 points!

It’s the worst home loss ever at UNC for Roy, who really is regretting that comment now.

The University of North Carolina is a weird one.

They pride themselves on success, both on and off the court/field. But there is one thing that they aren’t good at, and that’s honesty. (Between you and me they’re not even the most successful school within the triangle.)

Take for example this tweet by new North Carolina Tar Heels head football coach Mack Brown:

“Nobody is going to beat us because they play harder than us,” Williams said following Tuesday’s win over NC State.

Yeah, Mack, everyone also studies harder than your athletes as well.

If I recall, UNC’s football team this season went 2-9 and lost to a team that lost to an FCS team by 22 points.

And basketball isn’t much better. Carolina currently has 3 losses and has been handily beaten by Michigan, Texas, and your Kentucky Wildcats. How does UNC consistently get out-played by Texas and Kentucky, then say something like this?

It’s even funnier if you’re watching today’s Louisville - North Carolina game, as the Cardinals thoroughly outplayed the Heels in their own building in the first half to lead by double digits.

Anyway, I guess academic integrity and honesty aren’t a thing at North Carolina.