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ESPN 680 Postgame Show: The Florida Streak Ends Edition

James and I celebrated a much-needed victory over Florida on the ESPN Louisville 680 postgame show, as the horrible, lifetime-long streak finally came to an end.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Florida
I’m not sure who celebrate the win more—Robinson and Stoops, or James and me. Either way, it was a fun postgame show!
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, James and I finally got to celebrate a win over Florida on the postgame show!

We both showed up at the ESPN Louisville 680 studios last night, expecting to discuss our thirty-second straight defeat to the Gators. Instead, we got to talk about what went right for the Wildcats, and what breaks finally went our way, in a victory that could possibly change the direction of this entire season.

Here is what we discussed:

  • Postgame comments from Mark Stoops and Benny Snell
  • How it feels to have the monkey finally lifted off our backs
  • We kept waiting for “the moment” to arrive, and it thankfully never came
  • Terry Wilson bounced back from a rough first half and made the QB job his
  • Snell carried (literally) this team to victory
  • The front seven were outstanding, but the secondary still has question marks
  • Josh Allen continues to play like a future first-round draft pick
  • The emergence of Kash Daniel
  • Stoops postgame press conference sound
  • Callers weighed in on how happy they were
  • What we need to see moving forward to build on this victory
  • More!

James will be in studio next Saturday after the Murray State game, and I will join him over the phone after getting postgame sound. Come join us on the 15th as soon as the game ends, and UK hopefully moves to 3-0 on the season!

We will be live for the UK postgame show after EVERY Kentucky football and basketball game, as the first place to discuss your thoughts. Here is how you can catch us:

You can call us at 502-267-9680 or text us at 502-437-9680 to take part in the show. See you guys next week!