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The play that ended a 31-game losing streak to Florida

And Josh Allen let all the Fforida fans know about it.

Finally, 31 years of misery has come to an end.

However, it looked like that misery would extend to 32 at various points during Kentucky’s triumph over the Florida Gators.

Despite being clearly the better team in the first half, Kentucky made too many mistakes and essentially handed a 10-7 lead to Florida at halftime. Two critical turnovers led to the Cats blowing a chance to take command of the game going into the break.

Thankfully, they still ended up doing just that in the second half, building a 21-10 lead they would maintain going into the final minutes. But just like we’ve seen far too many times in this streak, Kentucky made critical errors at the worst possible time that allowed Florida to stay alive.

Among those gaffes was a dropped interception by senior safety Mike Edwards that could have turned into a pick-six and given Kentucky a 28-10 lead with five minutes left. The Gators ended up scoring and cut the lead to 21-16 with 3:34.

Three minutes and thirty-four seconds away from ending one of the most painful losing streaks in the history of spots.

Kentucky got the ball back and offense and did a good job of draining time off the block, but they ultimately had to punt, and Florida had a chance to drive for the game-winning score with less than a minute left.

It normally would seem improbable that a team could drive 84 yards for a game-winning score in such little time, but in this streak, it almost felt like it was inevitable.

That is, until senior linebacker Josh Allen and Lexington native Davonte Robinson combined to make the play that ended three decades of misery. Allen got the sack and forced fumble, while Robinson picked up the ball and ran it to glory:

And Allen made sure Gators fans knew it:

That’s how you end ‘The Streak.’