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Wildcats recap triumph over Florida Gators

“I about cried on the field just because of how happy I am.”

UK Athletics

Another year, another edition of Kentucky Wildcats vs. Florida Gators in the books.

As has been the case in this rivalry in recent meetings, it was a down-to-the-wire clash that saw the Cats have chances to win going away several times in the second half. Last year, the Cats failed to do so and ultimately suffered a devastating loss, arguably the worst in the 31-game losing streak.

It left a sour taste in the players’ mouths that they had to spend the entire offseason gargling, which helped them come into Gainesville with every intention of walking away with a victory, and they did just that, defeating Florida 27-16.

After the game, several Wildcats spoke with the media about what transpired in Gainesville. Here is a recap of what they had to say, courtesy of UK Athletics:

Josh Allen, Senior, Defensive End

On the feeling he got from the sack on the final play of the game…

”Game over. I knew I had him. I knew we forced the fumble. I’m just so glad that we had good coverage to where he got to hold the ball a little bit more, and I just tried to make a play for my team. And you see what happened, we won.”

On how they kept making plays as a team with the 31-game losing streak…

”We weren’t really worried about that streak. This was another game for us. This is Game 2. Again, we had to win and we had to do things right. I left the game early because I was cramping a lot, so I had to back and get an IV, and when Lynn [Bowden, Jr.] scored, I knew I had to come back and hurry up. I knew if I came back, I had to start making plays, so we can really finish this game. We practiced. We prepared for this. We prepared for a situation like this and the better team won.”

David Bouvier, Senior, Wide Receiver

On being from Kentucky and what this win means to him…

”It’s unreal. I’ve been to those games; I know how it goes. This team is just different. They have got an edge about them. It’s just a special team. They were never out of it. I’m still in shock right now. It’s just the best feeling.”

On his touchdown reception…

”That was just Terry (Wilson) making a play. The play just kind of broke down and I just went out and up. And he just hit me. He was just money tonight; he’s a gamer. I love that guy.”

Lynn Bowden, Jr., Sophomore, Wide Receiver

On the win…

It’s unbelievable. It’s something we prepared for all night, something we prepared for all day, all week. It’s just emotional. It’s something that hasn’t happened in 31 years. People was just talking. I feel like we were the better team tonight.”

Kash Daniel, Junior, Linebacker

On tonight’s win…

”Honest to god, it really hasn’t hit me. I about cried on the field just because of how happy I am. It’s just unreal. I never dreamed of this ever happening. I’m just shocked honestly.”

On what the feeling was on the last drive and what the message was…

”The same message. Don’t let up. Foot on the gas and just play ball.”

Benny Snell, Jr., Junior, Running Back

On what this victory felt like…

”There’s no feeling like this. During the week I was just thinking about the moment. The game ending and all the fans leaving. It was what I dreamed about. It’s the best feeling in the world. I can barely talk I’m so happy.”

Has there every been another win like this?...

”Yeah. It was when we beat Louisville my freshman year.”

On whether being on the road fuels this team…

”When we’re on the road, it’s like we’re focused on us. Like I was saying when I was up there, all the adversities against us. Guys don’t see a Kentucky team. We came into this environment and we just focused on us. We know how to play Kentucky football. I’ve been preaching to the choir this team is different. This fight is different. This finish is different.”

Terry Wilson, Sophomore, Quarterback

On how the performance in his first college road start…

”I just feel like I got my feet underneath. I learned that I got to have a white piece of paper and play the next play and can’t dwell on the past plays and just play hard.”

On how big that first drive was at the beginning of the third quarter following the turnovers at the end of the first half…

”It was big. We knew we were going to go out there and score coming out from halftime and the guys had a different attitude about them. And we all knew we had to come down here and go out there and score and just keep our composure and not get too high and not get too low.”

On the touchdown pass to Lynn Bowden, Jr….

”I saw Lynn going, and I knew if he got past that safety, it was going to be a touchdown. And that just goes a long way with trust. We do that in practice every day and it appeared to happen. It was a great time for that to happen, and it was a great route by him and we had awesome protection from the o-line throughout the whole night. I might take those guys out to dinner.”