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Kentucky Football downs Florida: Highlights, Box Score and Game MVP(s)

A game like this deserves two MVPs.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, the Kentucky Wildcats have taken down the Florida Gators.

As has been the case in this rivalry recently, it was a hard-fought game that saw the Cats have chances to put Florida away in the second half. Last year, the Cats failed to do so and ultimately suffered one of the most heartbreaking losses of the 31-game losing streak.

But as the old saying goes, it’s the darkest before the dawn. There have been some painfully low moments in this series, and last year was arguably the lowest, all things considered.

Tonight was the dawn the Big Blue Nation has been waiting for three decades to embrace, so let’s enjoy and soak in every moment of the 27-16 win for the Bluegrass Wildcats.


This was a really hard one. On one hand, Benny Snell was the best player in the game. However, that’s become a common occurrence, even in a loaded SEC that routinely have NFL first-round picks.

The difference in this game was Terry Wilson, who looked like a different quarterback than the one we saw against a Central Michigan that just got destroyed by Kansas, arguably the worst Power 5 team in college football.

Wilson allowed this offense to blossom and Florida to actually respect him, which allowed Snell to have more freedom and crush the Gators for 175 yards, while Wilson accounted for three scores.

That’s why we’re giving a rare co-MVP award to both Wilson and Snell. They both deserved it and then some. We should all feel fortunate to see these two in the same backfield, even if it’s for just one season.


Go here for a full box score and more statistics.


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