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Benny Snell trolls Florida after running over the Gators

Snell ya later Gators.

Kentucky v Georgia Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Benny Snell is a bad, bad man.

He’s also arguably the great running back to ever come through Lexington, and not just for the numbers he’s put up. Those alone would have him in the conversation, but his legacy is so much greater than the countless rushing records Snell will have broken by the time his junior year is over, which is probably going to be his last before heading into the NFL.

Even in just three years, Snell will finished as one of the most accomplished players in Kentucky Football history. He’s already on his way to leading Kentucky to a third-straight bowl game, something we’ve rarely seen in the history of this program.

Snell also helped carry Kentucky to an upset over the No. 11 Louisville Cardinals in 2016 that was one of the great upsets in college football recently.

While a win over No. 25 Florida wasn’t ‘quite’ as big of an upset, the impact of it was even greater, as it ended one of the longest losing streaks to a program in college football history: A 31-game losing streak that Snell had to endure two painful defeats in.

But two was more than enough for Snell, who ran for 175 yards in a 27-16 win over the Gators in their own building.

So of course, Snell wanted to let the whole world know about it after the game:

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