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Friday Quickies: Foo Fighters Edition

It looks like UK Soccer crossed The Line by having a pick-up game with the Foo Fighters back in May because coaches were involved. I hope they don’t have to run more after practice because of it.

Four players across UK’s men’s and women’s soccer teams are in trouble for playing soccer with the Foo Fighters. I doubt they care all that much.
UK Athletics/Chet White

I am honestly not sure in All My Life, that I have ever seen a more ridiculous headline than the one that broke this afternoon.

According to a report, the UK Athletics Department self-reported a violation to the NCAA after players from both the men’s and women’s soccer teams participated in a pick-up game with the Foo Fighters in May.

Yep, you read that right.

As further proof that the NCAA can always make Something From Nothing, three current men’s players, one current player on the women’s team, and a former men’s player violated NCAA rules because they played with UK coaches in the match. The match took place during dead week, and coaches are not allowed to do things with players right before finals.

At Times Like These, you wonder where college athletes would be if they didn’t have the NCAA to protect them from corrupt coaches and evil rock musicians.

The violation occurred when two separate pick-up games became one. Originally, the UK players were having their own pick-up game, while the UK coaches were playing with the rock band. The members of Foo Fighers, who were in town for a May 1 concert, have been well known to play soccer while on the road touring. According to the report, the Foo Fighters invited the UK players to join them because they “wanted the energy level to be raised” in their game.

As punishment, the players will have to sit out two supervised activities. These includes practices and meetings, and will not require any actual match-time to be missed.

Hopefully this does not throw a Monkey Wrench into the great start to the season the Kentucky soccer team has had. You would absolutely have to see the Wheels fall off after taking down seventh-ranked Louisville with a 3-0 victory on Tuesday night.

Then again, the UK players should have known better than to break the rules, right? I mean, if the NCAA decided not to punish infractions like this, it could put college athletics on the Long Road To Ruin. I mean, if you let players get away with the smallest of things, there could be No Way Back from here.

In all seriousness, these guys are My Hero(es). They got to play soccer and hang out with the Foo Fighters. I mean, seriously. They got to hang out with one of the coolest bands in music, at the expense of having to sit out a couple of practices. To quote Aldo Raine from Inglourious Basterds, “I’d make that deal....damn good deal!”

While there is no word as to which members of the band the players got to kick around with, I just hope if they didn’t get to play with him, they at least go to hear Dave Grohl’s amazing impression of Christopher Walken asking just how to pronounce the band’s name.

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