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Friday Quickies: Big Blue Madness Campout Edition

Madness is only two weeks away

Tickets go on sale today for Big Blue Madness, which is only two weeks away.

Around 300 or so people have been camping out in order to get their tickets to the event, which is set for October 12, to get a look at the Wildcats, who are projected early on as a top three team.

The Big Blue Madness Campout is a huge tradition for the Big Blue Nation each year, and while it has seen some major changes in the space where people can camp out and how it operates, the passion of the fans stays the same.

UK Football players have made their way to the campout to interact with fans, while UK Basketball players have also made appearances, handing out pizza and talking with fans.

For more of the sights and sounds from the campout, you can click here.

Tweets of the Day

Should be a big crowd at the Catwalk Saturday.

Who isn’t a fan of Marlana VanHoose?

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