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Scottie Lewis hinting at good news or trolling UK?

Lewis is posting a series of pro-UK pictures. Is it good news or just Lewis having fun with his recruitment?

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Scottie Lewis is enjoying every last second of his recruitment as it winds down.

The expectation is Lewis will soon decide whether he’ll play for the Florida Gators or Kentucky Wildcats in 2019. Florida was the heavy favorite after Lewis officially visited Gainesville.

After gaining the commitment of five-star point guard Tre Mann, Florida added one of Lewis’ Ranney High School teammates, Alex Klatsky, as a walk-on. This seemingly sealed the deal for Mike White, as every recruiting expert began picking Florida.

However, momentum shifted once Lewis took an official visit to Kentucky, which was followed by a meeting with John Calipari. Apparently, those two events made a lasting impression on Lewis, who has since been either teasing good news for Kentucky, or pulling a massive troll on Kentucky.

It began with a series of Instagram posts that showed Lewis wearing Uk gear.

(Scroll left to see the UK shots):

Then on Monday, Lewis showed up to a workout wearing UK shorts. UK commit Tyrese Maxey seems to think it is good news:

On the surface, it looks like a great sign for UK, especially since he’s planning to decide very soon. However, it feels a little too obvious to assume it’s good news for the Cats.

It’s not unheard for recruits to have a little too much fun with their recruitments and muddy the waters up as much as possible. It is also possible he’s pulling a massive troll on UK before picking one of their biggest rivals in the SEC.

Another possible scenario: Lewis realizes how much of a done deal to Florida everyone was making him out to be. He may have even made the Florida staff feel like they were getting him when he visited Gainesville, which would explain why everyone seemed like they were a lock right up until his visit to Lexington.

So, maybe these pro-UK pictures are his way of slowly breaking the news to Florida and their fanbase. It would really sting if he had just announced he was committing to UK out of the blue (no pun intended), so this is how he’ll slowly let them know he’s not coming to Florida before later announcing for UK.

Regardless of what the play is, this recruitment will hopefully be over within the next week or two. He’s going to be a special player where he lands and fun to watch for likely just one year of college basketball.

For now, it sounds like Lewis will not make a decision this week.

What do you think Lewis is up to?