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Benny Snell and Kash Daniel troll Mississippi State

First they win, then they talk. That’s how trash talking is supposed to work.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

As opponents continue to speak Benny Snell’s name before paying dearly for it on the field, Kentucky’s new all-time touchdown leader continues to snap back after leading his team to victory.

Snell does not like being disrespected, and he is always prepared to respond when the time is right. After Mississippi State running back Kylin Hill (who had 14 yards on 4 carries against the Wildcats) tweeted 41 laughing emojis about Snell’s pregame comments for Saturday’s match-up, Snell went to Twitter to make his official statement shortly after Kentucky’s 28-7 win.

Snell tweeted a Photoshopped picture of himself carrying a small bulldog instead of a football, which accurately reflects how he carried multiple Mississippi State Bulldogs into the ends zone on Saturday as he rushed for 165 yards and four touchdowns.

This is a fantastic follow-up to his tweet after defeating Florida, where he stated “Watch how you speak on our name” along with a picture of him holding an actual alligator.

Say what you want about Benny and his confidence, but he backs up absolutely everything he says once those chin straps get buckled up.

But Snell isn’t the only Wildcat who responds perfectly to trash talk. Kash Daniel has been a force at linebacker, and he’s shut up every offense he’s faced so far.

That continued with Mississippi State and Hill, who talked trash about Kentucky earlier this week, but Daniel did the talking (and eating) after the game:

Daniel was spitting fire on the Bulldogs, and after what we saw, it was 100 percent deserved. The Bulldogs did the talking, and Kentucky did the dominating when game time came.

You would think that other teams would learn that trash talk is not the answer for getting in Kentucky’s head. For our sake, I kind of hope they don’t.