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Friday Quickies: Picture Day Edition

The UK Men’s Basketball team had their individual photos taken

Chet White/UK Athletics

The Kentucky Men’s Basketball team had individual photos taken that were released yesterday and here are just a few shots of this year’s Wildcats from Chet White and Elliott Hess.

Chet White/UK Athletics
Chet White/UK Athletics

The full gallery can be accessed here.

Tweets of the Day

Can we get Cal to lead cheers through portions of the game? That would be fun.

Well, the replies to Rick Pitino’s first tweet certainly didn’t bring a spirit of optimism...

Your Quickies

UK Football players and Mark Stoops to serve as honorary pallbearers for Marco Shemwell Funeral - Lexington Herald-Leader

Such a heart-breaking tragedy for this family. It’s still difficult to put into words.

Breaking down Mississippi State- Kentucky Sports Radio

Kentucky’s advantage could come in the form of special teams. Maybe a big play in that area could be a crucial turning point?

Kentucky got a steal with freshman WR Allen Dailey - Courier Journal

The freshman caught his first touchdown on Saturday and is set up to work his way on to the field more this season.

Six will join UK Athletics Hall of Fame tonight - Lexington Herald-Leader

Jacob Tamme, Anthony Davis, Victoria Dunlap, Eric Quigley, Dennis Emery, and Russ Cochran join the ranks.

Could Josh Allen help UK on offense? - Courier Journal

Hey, why not?

Recapping Tyrese Maxey’s interview with Aaron Torres - Kentucky Sports Radio

Maxey really wants to see the football Cats take on Mississippi State.

Baker Mayfield leads Browns to win -

You read correctly... the Browns won. Tyrod Taylor left with a possible concussion right before halftime and Baker Mayfield has NFL fans talking.

Ranking NBA Players 10-1 - ESPN

Anthony Davis comes in at 6th overall.

Tiger tied at the top with Fowler after first round at The Tour - ESPN

A solid opening round for Tiger as he tries to get back on the victory path

Fanduel to pay man full $82,000 after pricing error - ESPN

The company is reversing course after initially stating they wouldn’t pay out for their own mistake.

Athletics destroy Angels in 21-3 blowout - Bleacher Report

Who scores more, the A’s last night or the Raiders on Sunday?

Urban Meyer advised NFL scouts to not draft Aaron Hernandez - Yahoo Sports

Not a good look for Urban in a string of bad publicity.

Trying to break down the Jimmy Butler-Timberwolves drama - GQ

So many wrinkles to this story, it is hard to keep up.