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Lynn Bowden has a request for Kentucky vs. Mississippi State

Bowden wants to see Kroger Field rocking to one of his favorite tunes.

Bowden Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Lynn Bowden has made one simple request for Saturday night in Lexington: More Grove Street.

I personally love ‘Grove Street Party’ by Waka Flocka, even before it became the unofficial, official Kentucky football anthem, so I am all for it. Kentucky has routinely been playing the song during big games at Kroger Field, and you can bet Saturday counts as one with 14th-ranked Mississippi State coming to town.

While Kentucky may have not had much success in the past with such games, it is always a treat to see Kroger Field rocking to its very foundation with this song blasting through the speakers. Kentucky will need every ounce of energy the crowd has for four quarters to hold off the Bulldogs and break into the top 25 next week.

Will this finally be the night that Bowden breaks a kickoff return for a touchdown?

Let’s hope it happens thanks to the power of Grove Street.