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That perfect feeling

The Cats are unbeaten, but it will take a lot to keep that going.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

What would it take to have a 6-0 Kentucky football team?

While the Wildcats finished the first quarter of the regular season a perfect 3-0, the second quarter of the season will be much tougher to complete that feat with a primetime game this Saturday against #14 Mississippi State, another primetime game against South Carolina, then go on the road at #22 Texas A&M.

When the Bulldogs comes in town this week, it’ll be a bigger test for these Wildcats than the game in Gainesville, as Stoops has only beaten the Bulldogs once in five tries during his tenure as head coach at Kentucky.

In those four losses, Mississippi State has outscored Kentucky 160-76. The only win came on a 51-yard game-winning field goal to win 40-38.

The good news is Benny Snell is playing like a Heisman candidate, and Terry Wilson already found his groove. In order for Kentucky to win, it’ll have to be a high-scoring game.

The South Carolina Gamecocks have been a pleasant surprise for the Wildcats since Stoops took over, as he owns a 4-1 record against them with the only loss coming in 2013 in a tightly contested, 7-point game. This will be the second primetime game in a row for the Wildcats, and regardless of the outcome of the Mississippi State game, the Wildcats should look to have this be a game where they “prove it” by potentially putting up a big game against an SEC opponent.

Fisher and Stoops at a Florida State practice

Going into College Station 5-0 would be absolutely great, but leaving without a loss would be even better. After Jimbo Fisher left Florida State for the big money at Texas A&M, it would quickly become the best story of the SEC for Kentucky to beat them in their own house.

Stoops and staff built Kentucky from relatively nothing to having a real shot at representing the East in an SEC game vs. Jimbo Fisher, who was handed a Florida State program that was in tremendous position to be title contenders and fled the scene once things got tough for the first program willing to pay big money.

This will be the first time Stoops and Fisher go head-to-head, as Stoops actually served as a defensive coordinator for Jimbo at Florida State from 2010-2012 before being named the head coach at Kentucky. Defense will be the name of the game in this one, as Stoops might be more determined to one up his former head coach.

Kentucky going 3-0 these next three games will be incredibly tough, and I hope it happens. A home game against a highly ranked SEC opponent, another home game against a low SEC conference foe, and a huge showdown on the road against Stoops’ former head coach. is quite a daunting slate.

Without getting too far ahead of myself, Kentucky looks to be in good position to win at least one of these three games, Mississippi State will be the biggest hurdle, and beating the Aggies on the road will be very challenging.