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UK Sports Network launching new line of podcasts

For those who love podcasts and UK Sports, the school is launching a variety of new listening material.

UK Athletics

The UK Sports Network is launching a new line of podcasts for Kentucky sports fans with several people that the Big Blue Nation know and love.

The announcement came Friday afternoon that the network will be releasing podcasts on UK Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Volleyball, as well as a podcast with Tom Leach talking about UK Sports history.

The lineup includes “Behind Kentucky Football” with Tom Leach, Freddie Maggard and Jeff Piecoro ; ”Legends of UK” with Tom Leach ; and ”Behind Kentucky Baseball” with Darren Headrick to go along with other podcasts already out such as the “Behind Kentucky Basketball” podcast, the Kentucky Volleyball podcast, and Mitch Barnhart’s podcast.

All podcasts will be available for free listening on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher and other popular platforms. The first episode of the “Behind Kentucky Football” podcast is available now on SoundCloud and Stitcher and will soon be available on iTunes. Like other UK Sports Network content, the podcasts can also be found on,, and the official UK Athletics app.

This seems like a neat idea by Mitch Barnhart and the Athletics Department to give fans a little bit more behind-the-scenes and get to know some of the players and coaches. Many people will also enjoy the Tom Leach “Legends of UK” podcast as well.

Overviews of the podcasts can also be found here.