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The top 3 players from Kentucky’s win at Florida

Kentucky beat Florida in the best fashion on Saturday night. Who stepped up the most?

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday night saw the Kentucky Wildcats defeat the Florida Gators for the first time since 1986. I don’t need to tell you how special of a win this was for our fanbase.

Many hadn’t seen a win against Florida in their lifetime. We as fans owe a thank you to this team for delivering something we haven’t experienced in a very long time. Now, let’s get on with the top players from the win.

  1. Benny Snell: And it’s not close. Snell rushed for 175 yards on 27 carries against the Gators. The bulk of the Wildcats’ offense ran through our leading back. The best back in the SEC took over the game and made it his mission to win. His play was pivotal on drawing the defense and slowing the game down when the Cats needed to drain some clock. Most people around this team or fanbase know that Benny Snell is one of the best to wear the jersey, but this win solidified him in the history books. What a game.
  2. Terry Wilson: Terry Touchdown didn’t have the best game he could’ve, but he did everything he needed to do to win this game. Many expected to see him play like he did in the first half of Week 1, but he came into last nights game to prove he was more than that. Terry had 151 yards in the air with 2 touchdowns while also gaining 105 yards on the ground and another touchdown. He threw an interception that ended up costing the Wildcats, but in the end, he was without a doubt one of the key parts to winning this game.
  3. The Offensive Line: What. A. Game. These big guys on the line really were the entire backbone behind this win. They looked a little cold and rusty for the beginning of week 1, but once they’ve been warmed up they haven’t stopped. They were a force to be reckoned with Saturday night against a talented defensive line. The Wildcats have been lacking in this area for a long time now, and in this conference, you need a line if you want to compete. Without the holes made by the line, Snell couldn’t have worked the Gators the way he did, and Wilson wouldn’t have had the time in the pocket he needed to make the right decisions. These guys deserve the biggest thanks of all.

Everyone made contributions in this game. This win wasn’t just a normal regular-season win, it was special. This meant a lot of things to a lot of people, and we will forever remember where we were as fans when Mark Stoops and the Kentucky Football team proved that no one can beat them 32 times in a row.

Kentucky’s next game will be Saturday 9/15 @ 12 PM EST against Murray State at the Wildcats’ home, Kroger Field.