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Kentucky’s odds to win College Football Playoff rise after Florida win

Yes, Kentucky is among the schools you can bet on to win the College Football Playoff.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Never say never.

After Kentucky managed to end the 31-game losing streak to Florida, their odds to win the College Football Playoff took a huge turn in the right direction.

Before the Florida game, the Wildcats were sitting at 900/1 odds to win it. But after the breakthrough win at Florida, those odds are now at 200/1.

These still aren’t good odds by any means, but, it’s a great step in the right direction.

That’s a huge jump in a week, and it’s most likely due to everyone finally taking notice of this veteran, talented team.

Now, will they actually win the national championship or even make the College Football Playoff?

At this point, it’s still a pipe dream, especially with some very tough games still on the schedule, including Mississippi State, at Texas A&M, and Georgia.

However, it is nice to see Kentucky get some of the much deserved respect for their play not only this year so far, but their play over the past couple of years. We’ve seen this team grow year over year, and last year, they were only a couple of plays away from having a 9-win season.

With that being said, you really can’t ever say never. If the Cats manage to take down Mississippi State in a couple of weeks, you’ll see this program get much more national attention.

College Football Playoff Odds Week 3


Alabama 7/4 2/1
Clemson 9/2 5/1
Georgia 8/1 8/1
Ohio State 8/1 8/1
Wisconsin 18/1 12/1
Auburn 16/1 14/1
Notre Dame 20/1 14/1
Oklahoma 22/1 18/1
Penn State 40/1 28/1
Washington 45/1 28/1
Michigan 70/1 33/1
LSU 55/1 40/1
Stanford 75/1 40/1
Central Florida 250/1 50/1
Virginia Tech 65/1 50/1
Mississippi State 75/1 60/1
TCU 125/1 60/1
West Virginia 40/1 66/1
Oregon 75/1 75/1
Texas A&M 125/1 75/1
Michigan State 50/1 90/1
Texas 200/1 90/1
Florida State 200/1 100/1
Boise State 300/1 125/1
USC 60/1 125/1
Arizona State 900/1 150/1
NC State 500/1 150/1
Oklahoma State 275/1 150/1
Boston College 450/1 200/1
Duke 900/1 200/1
Florida 100/1 200/1
Iowa 300/1 200/1
Kentucky 900/1 200/1
Minnesota 750/1 200/1
Nebraska 200/1 200/1
Texas Tech 900/1 200/1
Utah 200/1 200/1
Washington State 400/1 200/1

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