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Benny Snell and Kash Daniel love proving the doubters wrong

“This team is different. This fight is different. This finish is different.”

UK Athletics

Finally, Kentucky has ended the 31-game losing streak to the Florida Gators. This is something all of BBN has been dreaming of for a long time.

Before the game started, there was a lot of talk throughout the players of Florida, media, and on Twitter that Kentucky players, especially Benny Snell and Kash Daniel, didn’t like.

“That’s exactly what they get. I overcome adversity. This team overcomes adversity, so watch your mouth. I ain’t playing,” said Snell after the win.

Snell did not hold back in the postgame presser. For the second straight week, the opposing team tried to underrate Benny, and again, he proved every one of them wrong. He rushed for 175 yards, leading a Kentucky rushing attack that dominated the Gators.

”When we’re on the road, it’s like we’re focused on us. Like I was saying when I was up there, all the adversities against us,” said Snell. “Guys don’t see a Kentucky team. We came into this environment and we just focused on us. We know how to play Kentucky football. I’ve been preaching to the choir. This team is different. This fight is different. This finish is different.”

Benny has been as confident as ever heading into this season, and we’re seeing it fully play out now.

Daniel was extremely pumped up in the locker room after the game.

“There will probably still be some doubters, just because we’re Kentucky. But that’s okay,” he said. “Keep at it. Keep running your mouth. Keep opening your mouth about Benny. Keep opening your mouth about our defense. Keep opening your mouth, and we’ll shut it up for you.”

This team has worked really hard over the past few years to get where they are now, yet the national respect just hasn’t been there. Well, it’s clear that this Kentucky team is demanding it and the chip on their shoulder has never been bigger than we’ve seen so far this year.

It was an exciting game for all, but the focus now is to move forward and build from this. It’s still a very long season and it sounds like these guys plan on making bigger headlines down the road.