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A Letter to Big Blue Nation: Part 2

It’s a different story this time

UK Athletics

If any of you remember after the Florida game last year, I wrote this letter.

It was a letter about the painful loss to Florida and the burden of seeming to never break it, no matter how invested the fans were.

Well, it’s a different story this time around.

Dear Big Blue Nation,

We finally did it. The 31-year streak of losing to Florida has finally ended and it still seems surreal to me, and I am sure it’s the same for you guys as well. For 21 years, I never witnessed a Kentucky win over Florida. We all sat through the 2007 Gameday loss to Tim Tebow. We all sat through the triple overtime loss four years ago, and of course, we all sat through the heartbreaking loss last season.

But this night was different. No matter how many people though we would lose again, myself included for most of the day, Kentucky finally, finally beat the Florida Gators.

A big shoutout to Benny Snell, the best running back in the SEC, who rushed for 175 yards. People need to watch how you speak on his name.

Terry ‘Touchdown’ Wilson became the first quarterback to beat the Gators in 31 years with two passing touchdowns and one rushing score. And of course, Mark Stoops, who took over a program who did not have SEC caliber players, who lost to EKU in a secret preseason scrimmage, who won two games in his first season, beat a ranked Florida team on their home field.

Soak it in, BBN, it’s been 31 long years, and 21 long years for myself. Throughout all of the heartbreak in the past few seasons, Kentucky has a great chance of being a ranked team come next week.

The Kentucky Wildcats have beat the Florida Gators, in The Swamp, and have broken the 31 year-long streak. Party on, Cats fans, party on.