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Kentucky players recap win over Central Michigan

Terry, Benny, Gunnar and other Wildcats recap their first win of 2018.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats are now 1-0 following a win over Central Michigan to kick off the 2018 season.

The first quarter and a half was about as disastrous as humanly possible, mainly due to the offense having four turnovers that was turned into 13 points.

Thankfully, the Cats’ offense got it in gear, and the defense played stout for four quarters to power Kentucky to a 35-20 win.

After the game, several Wildcats met with the media to discuss win No. 1 on the new season. It included thoughts from Gunnar Hoak and Terry Wilson, who will likely continue their quarterback battle for several more weeks

Here’s a recap of what a number of players said after the game, courtesy of UK Athletics:

#12, Gunnar Hoak, QB

On going in the game in the first half …

“I just have to give my all for the team. That’s the role I’ve been put in. I’m a team guy, that’s the way I came in, I’ve always been that way. I have to give my all every time I get the opportunity.”

On being ready for the opportunity …

“You’re one play away if you are going in as the backup. You have to have the right mindset every day you come here.”

On throwing his first touchdown pass of his college career:

“It is a great feeling, obviously. It was a great feeling getting up. I didn’t even see him get in the end zone because I got hit, but I still loved getting up and seeing it. It was great.”

#10, A.J. Rose, RB

On showcasing his full ability …

“I showed flashes in the spring game of what I could do. I went out there today to show my full ability and I feel like I did a great job of doing that.”

On having more yards in this game than in his entire last season …

“It felt great. It helped my confidence level. Going into the Florida week, it felt good playing football and getting comfortable with the offense.”

On offense struggling early in the game:

“It’s the first game. The first game jitters. With a new quarterback who hasn’t started in a game for us, he’s out there working. I felt like we bounced back, and we didn’t let it define us. We came back, put together some nice drives and put some points on the board.”

#56, Kash Daniel, LB

On facing diversity during the game …

“The offense put points on the board for us and the defense stepped up well. Overall it was a really good experience for me.”

On what the defense did well …

“We responded well. There was some adversity that hit in the first half and I thought that the guys didn’t hang their heads and we came back and responded as a unit”.

#93, Max Duffy, P

On what was going well on special teams

“Miles (Butler) didn’t miss a point after. Grant made a tackle, we love that.”

On special teams’ togetherness …

“As special teams we try to stay out of the way and do our job. Hopefully the offense and defense takes care of things so it makes our job easier.”

On what to build on going into Florida …

“Hopefully I’ll be able to be more relaxed now. The first one was very nerve racking. But now since I have this first one out of the way, I feel pretty relaxed.”

#26, Benny Snell Jr., RB

On A.J. Rose and his play today …

“My roommate – we on it now. We woke him up.”

On how it helps him now that he has someone else behind him who can also compete …

“It’s great. This is a long time coming. This was our plan before the season and it’s all just coming into play now. I’ve been correcting him on all his mistakes, and he’s been correcting me. That’s my brother, we’re going to take it all away.”

On what the halftime talk was like with all the turnovers …

“The talk was that, we can’t play worse. We couldn’t have played any worse. Every mistake was on us, especially on me. We were trying to come out and score every single drive and I just felt like it was the little, first jitters. The first jitters you get out. We got them out, we condone ourselves on offense and we came out to play.”

#3, Terry Wilson, QB

On how it feels to get the win and how he played …

“We got the win. That was the first thing, the major thing we needed to do. I got off to a slow start. I had a little jitter in me. I feel like in the second half we came out and did what we were supposed to do. We just have to come out earlier with that attitude.”

On what he credits the fumbles and interceptions to …

“All on me. I have to bounce back from that and I can’t allow that to happen. I have to rely on my technique and just relax. I can’t let the game get to me. Just play football, that’s all I have to do.”

On what it says about the coaching staff to put Gunnar (Hoak) in and him leading a touchdown drive …

“That’s awesome. He stepped in and made a big play, which the team needed. I was just ready for whenever they were going to put me back in and just lead the team and go score, and finish the game.”

#41, Josh Allen, DE

On how he felt …

“It was a great start. Could have had another sack, but I didn’t finish so I have work on that. I could’ve played better, but I feel like it was a good start.”

On how he thinks the defense did overall …

“We played well on some plays. A couple plays we took off and I feel like we kind of felt sorry for ourselves. I feel like overall we bounced back. We did pretty well in the second half. I think we did reallyt well in the second half. First half, we played good in some series and the next series, we took a series off. I told Terry (Wilson) we got your all’s back through everything. If you all aren’t clicking then we will click for you all and have your all’s back.”

On if he senses that the team is locked in because he is locked in …

“Yeah, I came back for a reason. I came back to do things like this. I didn’t come back just to come back. I came back to get better, better for myself and better for my team and that’s what I’m here to do week in and week out.”