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John Calipari sends message on ‘Why You Come to Kentucky’

Calipari sends a message of why players should come to Kentucky and what the program stands for.

UK Athletics

John Calipari knows how to pitch the Kentucky Basketball program, and he is pitching the program to anyone who will listen on Twitter today.

Not long after Kahlil Whitney announced his commitment to the Wildcats, Calipari followed it up with a series of tweets about what UK stands for and why it’s a special thing to be part of.

See for yourself below:

This is true. Playing at Kentucky puts players on a massive stage. Every game is televised in front of a large audience. Crowds at Rupp Arena are large, opposing arenas fill up when Kentucky comes to town, and the SEC and NCAA Tournaments where Kentucky is involved are always a big draw.

But he didn’t stop there.

#LaFamilia is a trademark in the Kentucky program under Calipari.

But Calipari still wasn’t done pitching his message.

The various community service and humanitarian work that the players in the program perform, often out of sight of a camera or media coverage, has been an amazing part of the Kentucky program under John Calipari.

Just this week, they worked with Samaritan’s Feet in the Bahamas and the photo above speaks for itself.

Back when Calipari first came to Kentucky, he organized a ‘Hoops for Haiti’ campaign, which raised over $1 million in the aftermath of earthquakes in Haiti. He’s helped organize several other events like this at Kentucky and during previous coaching stops.

Is it a coincidence Calipari tweeted this shortly after Kahlil Whitney announced his commitment? I’ll let you decide.