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How many games will the Cats win in the Bahamas?

I know it’s about winning and “learning,” but just how much of each will the young Cats see?

Quade Green Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats will play four games in the next five days. The level of excitement that brings back here on the mainland is difficult to describe.

The young Wildcats will face four international teams in the Bahamas, seeing many former college stars and current professionals.

John Calipari has gone on the record as saying the Wildcats could lose as many as three of the four games. Of course, he follows that by saying that winning and losing is not what the trip is about, but fans cannot help but to speculate.

Las Vegas has not released odds on the games yet, but Kentucky is unlikely to be the favorite in all four exhibitions. Perhaps in the opener against the Bahamas National Team Kentucky would have a slight edge, but even that is up for debate.

The Bahamas team has several former collegiate players (Kadeem Coleby, Shaquille Cleare) that could match up well against the Wildcats, especially considering the gap in experience.

Mega Bemax has been dubbed “European Kentucky” and is a top professional team in Serbia that regularly puts players into the NBA (Nikola Jokic, Rade Zagorac, Vlatko Cancar).

San Lorenzo de Almagro of Argentina has won its league championship three years in a row and is full of veteran players.

When you look at the quality of the competition and factor in the fact that Kentucky is playing four games in five days when the other teams are just playing one game during that span, this could be a great week for the Cats to “learn” and maybe not win as much.

Looking at the week ahead, how many victories do you expect from the Wildcats in the Bahamas?