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Evan Daniels updates James Wiseman recruitment following DJ Jeffries decommitment

Daniels gave a positive update on how things stand following Jeffries’ decision.

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Kentucky fans have been a little shaken up recently since four-star recruit DJ Jeffries decommitted earlier this week. Many have assumed that this was a sign of how big of a player Penny Hardaway and the Memphis Tigers are becoming in college basketball recruiting.

Not so fast, according to Evan Daniels of 247 Sports.

On Wednesday, Daniels told Ben Roberts of the Herald-Leader that he isn’t even convinced Memphis is what necessarily lured Jeffries away from Kentucky.

“I think that assuming he ends up at Memphis would be a bad assumption,” Daniels told Roberts. “There’s a possibility that he ends up at Memphis, but there are other schools that I think will be involved.”

If that is indeed the case, it raises a variety of questions about Jeffries’ change of heart. His father has been all over the news recently saying things that don’t make a ton of sense, but we may never know the real reason the 2019 wing parted ways with Kentucky.

But if Memphis is not the primary reason that Jeffries jumped ship, does his decommitment mean anything for John Calipari’s chances of landing James Wiseman, the No. 1 recruit in the land?

“None,” Daniels said to the Herald-Leader on Wednesday. “I don’t think that DJ Jeffries’ and James Wiseman’s college choices have anything to do with each other. They’re making their own decisions,”

Many have speculated that Jeffries himself was not going to be the primary piece that pulled Wiseman to Memphis, but it could have been a sign of the power of Penny. That was the primary fear of recruiters around the country.

Evan Daniels does not believe that is the case.

“My stance on James Wiseman hasn’t changed,” he said. “I think it’s 50/50 between Memphis and Kentucky.”

That has to be music to the ears of Big Blue Nation, right?