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Drake shouted out Devin Booker on ASTROWORLD, but he lied

We all know you don’t shoot like Devin Booker, Drizzy.

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Although he came out on the short end of the infamous rap beef against Pusha T this summer, Drake is still beloved around the world and specifically within Big Blue Nation.

That’s why one particular shoutout during his feature on “SICKO MODE”, one of the many hits from Travis Scott’s new album ASTROWORLD is awesome to hear.

During one of the Canadian’s bars in the song, he spits this:

When I shoot my shot, that sh*t wetty like I’m Sheck ...

See the shots that I took, wet like I’m Book ...

You can take a listen for yourself here:

There’s a particular “Book” that Drake and the BBN knows well and that would be reigning NBA 3-Point Contest winner Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns.

During a concert on his Summer Sixteen Tour in Phoenix a couple of years ago, Drake wore a Booker jersey on stage and the former SEC Sixth Man of the Year for the ‘Cats approved of the wardrobe choice.

To be fair to the man, his shot selection is quite solid. The man did pull up from 30 feet out and landed Jennifer Lopez before she and Alex Rodriguez formed one of the biggest power couples in sports and entertainment.

But on the basketball court, the three-time Grammy winner is no Devin Booker, let alone Stephen Curry (with the pot).

We haven’t forgotten your shooting exhibition during Big Blue Madness in 2014, Aubrey.

(By the way, shouts to Sam Malone and that awesome headband he used to rock during that historic 2014-15 season.)

It’s always love between Drake and BBN, so it’s nothing personal, Drizzy.

However, that jumper could use some of Booker’s fine tuning before he shouts out the 3-point champ or another elite NBA shooter again.