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The quarterback job will be won by the bigger gunslinger

Throwing the ball downfield is a huge priority for the Cats’ offense in 2018.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Stephon Johnson had a lot of great attributes, and big-time moments during his two years as the quarterback for the Kentucky Wildcats. However, he never produced in one area Kentucky is emphasizing heading into 2018, which is the deep ball.

During this week’s press conferences, both head coach Mark Stoops and offensive coordinator Eddie Gran preached the importance of throwing the ball down the field.

“I want the ball in tight windows; I want to take shots.” Stoops said following Tuesday’s practice.

Stoops went on to express he wasn’t too worried despite the fact both Gunnar Hoak and Terry Wilson were both intercepted on balls thrown down the field.

“I wanted them [the defense] attacking us, and that’s why you saw a few more picks in that, but you also saw some incredible throws into some tight windows, and some good catches down the , and that’s what we’re looking for.”

Throughout the practice, both quarterbacks displayed they have strong arms. Both Hoak and Wilson connected on numerous deep passes at times making it look easy.

Offensive coordinator Eddie Gran was impressed.

“You had explosive plays, and we did that this past week a lot more explosive than the week before.”

Gran believed having long periods of practice focusing on going deep was crucial for both Hoak and Wilson.

“You have to keep people honest; you can never get great at it unless you take those shots.”

Throwing the ball into deep tight windows seems to be what is going to decide a starter. This may give Gunnar Hoak some more hope than some Kentucky fans expect.

Hoak is a pro-style Quarterback who does very well at threading the needle on throws downfield.

However, the mobile Terry Wilson isn’t too shabby himself. Throughout the practice, he was wowing reporters with his accuracy on many shots downfield including one beautifully placed ball to Tavin Richardson down the sideline.

Whichever Quarterback proves they can consistently thread the needle on deep balls will likely be the starter against Central Michigan in Week 1.