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Keldon Johnson, Tyler Herro, and Steve Zahn prank call John Calipari

“The Roommate Game” with Steve Zahn was one to remember.

Keldon Johnson Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Actor Steve Zahn sat down with Keldon Johnson and Tyler Herro as a part of’s series titled, “The Roommate Game.”

The idea is that both players have a white marker board and write down answers to questions that Zahn asks, then both reveal their answers at the same time. The segment got so out of hand that at one point that somehow, Coach Calipari was even prank called.

The 8-minute clip not only provides a lot of laughs but it also gives some great insight into Johnson and Herro’s personality. It starts by Zahn asking “Who is the better dunker?”

Both agreed the better dunker was Keldon Johnson, but Herro quickly requested that he ask who was the better shooter between the two. Keldon Johnson did not hesitate to say that he was also the better shooter, even though Herro said “Don’t even lie.”

Herro is known for being a knock-down shooter but has been getting praise for his all-around game as of late. I am sure the two will have some friendly competition throughout the season and put some numbers behind these claims. Both did say they thought P.J Washington was the best dunker on the team.

Zahn took things to another level when he asked the two players who the most famous person in their phone was. Johnson said Coach Calipari was the most famous contact in his phone, Herro surprisingly said his was Rex Chapman.

Once that was revealed, Zahn told Johnson to call Coach Calipari and to just scream “Yahtzee!”

Coach Cal did answer the phone.

“Why are all my guys calling me? What are you all doing?” Calipari said before he was quickly hung up on.

The video is hilarious and it’s nice to know that Calipari picks up the phone for his players when they call.

One of my favorite questions asked was, Who are the three people you would most want to have dinner with that are dead or alive?”

Johnson answered, Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, and his grandfather.

Tyler Herro answered, Michael Jordan, Rob Gronkowski, and Devin Booker.

The competitive spirit in both players has been evident since they arrived in Lexington. Johnson and Herro clearly want to establish themselves as elite players at the division 1 level. It was also great to get a glimpse of their youthful personalities in the clip.

The next few weeks should provide the Big Blue Nation with an opportunity to get to know this year’s team on a more personal level. They will be challenged in the Bahamas by professional athletes while also being in a vacation-like environment.

I am looking forward to seeing this team continue to have fun and hopefully be on their way to #9. It starts next week in the Bahamas.

You can watch the entire video here.

And Cal has even issued his own response on Twitter: