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Who is really being unprofessional in the DJ Jeffries Situation?

There are two sides to every story, and it seems like Jeffries’ camp can’t keep their side of the story straight.

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DJ Jeffries was the first commit of the 2019 class. The four star power forward was early in picking the Kentucky Wildcats and stated that it was his dream to play for John Calipari.

On July 14th at the Peach Jam, Jeffries had nothing but glowing things to say about Calipari and Kentucky. He was even discussing which players at the event that he wanted to join him at UK.

When asked about the speculation that he may flip to the Memphis Tigers due to Penny Hardaway being the coach there, Jeffries responded, “Kentucky all the way.

Earlier this week the script flipped out of nowhere as Jeffries became the first player to ever decommit from John Calipari at Kentucky.

Not long after the decommitment, Jeffries father went on the offensive and said that the Kentucky coaches were unprofessional, calling out the head recruiter (Tony Barbee) in particular:

They didn’t handle it the way I expected them to handle it, being professionals. I thought it would be handled better, but we’re not going to get into a mud-slinging contest with them. We’ll take the high road. That’s the way we were raised.

Jeffries father never stated exactly what was said or done that was “unprofessional” but he sure made it a point to push this narrative.

Could the reason be that Jeffries and his camp have been dishonest about the process the entire time? Back during the Peach Jam, Jeffries stated that he had not been in contact with Penny Hardaway since April after he committed to Kentucky:

This is counter to what Jeffries told WATN TV:

Asked by WATN-TV in Memphis if he was leaning toward choosing the Tigers, Jeffries reflected on his relationship with Hardaway.

”It’s something I think about because Penny and I have been so close for these years, and I’ve built a good relationship with him,” he said. “Even when I committed to Kentucky he would still reach out to me and help me with certain stuff to motivate me to do better. So Memphis would be one of the schools I’d consider.”

Even Dan Dakich thought it was everyone but UK in this scenario that was acting unprofessional. After all, there’s an unwritten rule in basketball recruiting that coaches don’t recruit committed players.

Far be it from me to criticize a kid for where he wants to go to school. If Jeffries would have decommitted and moved in, no big deal. It’s early and there are plenty of recruits out there for Calipari to focus on.

But when there is a concerted effort to drag down the UK coaching staff while lying about talking to another coaching staff, there someone needs to be called out on it.

The Penny Hardaway experiment at Memphis is already off to an explosive start. There’s no indication yet to if Penny can actually coach a lick of basketball at the collegiate level but good on him for at least getting off on the right recruiting foot.

That being said, you know John Calipari had to get in a veiled/not-so-veiled shot at Jeffries:

Don’t look for Cal and Jeffries to reunite at any point in the future.