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Kentucky Football Player Preview: Landon Young stepping up as offensive line leader

The junior left tackle aims to make a major impact this season.

Landon Young Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Landon Young was a member of the 2016 recruiting class that included multiple in-state talents that aimed to turn around the Kentucky program.

Young, for his part, has played a major role in the team’s success the last two seasons, as a member of the offensive line rotation during his freshman season and then taking over as the full-time starting left tackle last season.

This year, he came into fall camp leading to keep his spot on the offensive line and become a leader with a position group expected to be a strength for the Wildcats.

And it’s clear why Young is considered the starting left tackle going into this season when he can do this to opposing pass rushers.

Landon Young

Position: Left Tackle

Measurements: 6’7”, 305 lbs

Hometown: Lexington, KY

School: Lafayette High School

Recruit Rankings: No. 6 offensive tackle in the class of 2016

Young has earned solid reviews from Kentucky Head Coach Mark Stoops this summer.

“I’ve very rarely, if ever, said a bad thing about Landon,” Stoops said. “He gives us everything he has. He’s talented. As he gets older, gets more mature, gets more physical, gets more confidence. He is a very good football player and again, one of those guys that really does everything, tries as hard as he can in everything he does.”

Now entering his third season with the Wildcats, this is the first offseason in which Young has went in as the projected starter. Last season, Young was expected to be a heavy part of the offensive line rotation behind Cole Mosier, but when Mosier went down, Young was forced into the starting role where he had a solid season last year.

But he’s not content to be stagnant, and has spent the offseason perfecting his technique to launch himself into the upper tier of SEC offensive linemen.

The work hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Kentucky coaching staff.

“I think Landon right now is playing as consistent as anybody we have,” offensive coordinator Eddie Gran said during the spring.

And offensive line coach John Schlarman had some really positive thoughts on Young this spring.

“He’s really developing in his pass protection technique. He’s physical in the run game,” said Schlarman. “He’s always been physical, but now he’s really honing in on his technique and the details of the game and not just getting by with athletic ability and pure talent. That’s where I’m really proud of where his game is developing.”

The offensive line meshed well together last season, as players settled into roles and continued to gain more comfort in their positions. A major part of that was Young settling in and becoming more comfortable as the team’s starting left tackle.

With a full season under his belt and an offseason where he has been putting in a great deal of work, expect Kentucky’s offensive line to be solid once again this season, with Young being a major force at tackle, both in the run game and in pass protection.