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UK Basketball hammers Mega Bemax: Highlights, Box Score and Game MVP

The sky is the limit for these Wildcats.

PJ Washington Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Tonight was supposed to be yet another serious test from a talented professional team with NBA talent.

The result was the same: Another demolition by the Kentucky Wildcats. This time, the victim was Mega Bemax, who Kentucky made easy work with en route to a 100-64 victory.

Once again, it was the Cats who looked like the team of seasoned pros playing against boys. They were the far superior aggressor from beginning to end, and Bemax couldn’t handle the pressure, at one point going nearly 15 minutes without a field goal.

The game got out of hand so fast that Brad Calipari got extended first-half minutes.

The hype for this Kentucky team was already high coming into the Bahamas trip. Now, it’s reaching a new level, and rightfully so.

This team has all the makings of one ready to dominate college basketball and win it all.

Box Score

Game MVP

This was the kind of game we envisioned of PJ Washington when he announced his return to Kentucky. The sophomore was physically dominant on both ends of the floor while crushing the boards, and he was a big reason why Mega Bemax crumbled early on in this one.

Washington was a beast on the defense end and rarely gave up any ground, and when he did, he often rose up for a monsterous block, even blocking a three at one point.

On offense, Washington completed some squally tough layups and big men who may be in the NBA someday. But his offense looked greatly improved as well, and he even hit a three-pointer late in the game. He had 20 and 12 at the 7:30 minute mark in the second half when the game was well out of hand.

If he plays like this in the regular season along with everything else this team has, see you in Minneapolis.


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