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Jamal Mashburn is having great financial success, aspires to own an NBA team

Mashburn is one of the greatest success stories of any player to ever play at UK.

Jamal Mashburn #24 Getty

If you know anything about Kentucky Basketball, you’ll know just how special Jamal Mashburn is to the University. He played for the Cats between 1990-93 and had some unforgettable games. He’s also the 6th highest scorer of all time for the Cats.

He eventually went on to become the 4th overall draft pick in the 1993 NBA draft and played 13 seasons. Not only did he make his impact on the court, but Jamal always prepared himself for a life after the NBA.

He now runs over 90 different businesses spread out through various industries, reported by

“I wanted to give the game everything that I had but I wanted to leave with something other than just a reputation of being a basketball player,” said Mashburn. “I wanted to start a new legacy, but continue a legacy and I wanted to carry a briefcase.”

It all started when he purchased an Outback Steakhouse. From there, opportunities started rolling in. He claimed an ownership stake in Dunkin’ Donuts, Papa Johns, 5 different car dealerships, and so many more.

It’s extremely important that players prepare themselves for life after the NBA, but Jamal has taken it to a new level, and he’s not done yet.

“At the end of the day, I consider myself a lifelong learner. You’ve got to adapt. Even in professional sports, you come in one way but you don’t exit the same way,” he said. “That’s how I look at life. That’s how I look at business.”

This is the exact stance you want to have with anything in life, not just basketball. It’s important that all of us want to continue to adapt and learn everything this wonderful life has to offer.

In 2012, Jamal put together a group to try and buy the New Orleans Hornets. Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out the way he’d have liked them to. But, don’t think he didn’t learn from this.

“I put together the package myself. I didn’t have a team of lawyers, so I actually went through the exercise of looking at the financials of understanding the revenue and expenses and how the thing actually works,” said Mashburn.

Owning an NBA team is something Mashburn has shown great interest in. Don’t be surprised when you see his name pop up more frequently in the front offices of NBA franchises.

Good luck to Jamal on all of the great things he’s doing post-basketball!