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Former UK recruit Diamond Stone subpoenaed in FBI investigation into Maryland

Diamond Stone has reportedly been subpoenaed.

Rutgers v Maryland Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

We’ve got more news on the FBI investigation front, as Maryland has been subpoenaed by the FBI for information on recruits, and one of those subpoenaed is former Kentucky target and former Maryland center Diamond Stone.

His subpoena is redacted, but Inside MD Sports is reporting that they’ve confirmed he is the player in question.

The passage related to Stone is redacted because he matriculated to Maryland, but sources familiar with the situation confirmed he’s the player in question. It asked for the following: “Any documents, including communications, regarding or relating to former Maryland student-athlete [redcated] including but not limited to documents reflecting or regarding any improper payments or benefits provided to [redacted]’s family, or a representative of [redacted]’s family.”

Stone was alleged to have received more than $14,000 from NBA agent Andy Miller during his freshman season at Maryland, according to a report by Yahoo Sports.

The report states that Stone was believed to have received the money during his freshman year, which would lead to a different scenario than most of the players in this investigation, as most were paid while still in high school to convince them to go to a certain school. Nonetheless, the FBI and the NCAA won’t look too kindly on this.

Former Maryland recruit Silvio De Sousa was also subpoenaed. That was related to an indictment that claimed De Sousa had received money to go to a specific school, but was more interested in Kansas, and needed to pay the original school back.

It’s been a while since Stone was mentioned around Lexington, but the former five-star recruit did hold an offer from UK in the 2015 class. Good thing that didn’t work out.

You can read more about the subpoenas on Inside MD Sports.