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John Calipari reveals new uniforms for Bahamas, gives practice update

Calipari also talked about lineup combos and what record he hopes to have in the Bahamas.

The Kentucky Wildcats are getting new uniforms...sort of.

While the checkerboards will likely remain in the regular season, the Cats will have some new swag during their Bahamas trip, which begins next week.

Ahead of the trip, head coach John Calipari made a very important announcement on Twitter:

There will be black, white and blue uniforms that Kentucky uses against their four opponents.

Calipari also talked about some of the interesting lineup combinations he’s been trying, including PJ Washington with Reid Travis, PJ with Nick Richards, and PJ with EJ Montgomery. It sounds like PJ is going to play a lot this coming season, despite the frontcourt being absolutely stacked with five-star talent.

Calipari also re-emphasized how good Kentucky’s opponents in the Bahamas will be, so much that he just hopes his team can go 1-3 during the trip.

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