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Kentucky Basketball: What to expect from Ashton Hagans

A lot. You can expect a lot.

Jeremy Chisenhall

Speed. Speed. And more speed.

Ashton Hagans was the No. 1 point guard in the 2019 recruiting class before he reclassified to join the Kentucky Wildcats in 2018. He has a reputation of being an incredible two-way guard that can take over a game on both ends of the floor.

I see this word thrown around quite a bit in recruiting discussions, but Ashton Hagans is the very definition of “a dog.”

In addition to his raw speed, he also gives maximum effort on every possession and wears down the opposition quickly. Not only is it nearly impossible to stay in front of him when he has the ball in his hands, but his defensive pressure is second to none.

“He’s a tough, physical point guard with good size for the position,” Evan Daniels told the Courier-Journal. “What I like most about him is how competitive he is. He competes on both ends and is a rare two-way player. Hagans also has good vision, can really pass and excels as a playmaker.”

Perhaps the most underrated part of Hagans’ game is his ability to get buckets by attacking the basket and making things happen. He also likes to dunk on peoples’ faces.

He’s a dog.

Hagans is ESPN analyst Paul Biancardi’s favorite player in Kentucky’s loaded back court this season. He raved about the 6’4” point guard on Kentucky Sports Radio in late June.

“But the guy for me, they just got, is Ashton Hagans, who reclassified from 2019 to 2018,” Biancardi told guest host Jay Bilas. “He’s a bullet. He’s speed in the open floor. He’s a great two-way player. Point guard as well. They’re going to be really deep next year at that point guard position. Ashton Hagans is going to be outstanding for them.”

Fans and analysts alike always enjoyed comparing De’Aaron Fox’s speed to that of John Wall. You can expect Ashton Hagans to be in that conversation as well. And just like those guys, what sets him apart is that his speed is paired with extraordinary ball-handling skills.

Hagans is a wonderful complement to Immanuel Quickley, who relies more on technical skill, decision making, and is probably a better shooter. But in the college game, especially surrounded by the talent on this Kentucky roster, Hagans is the perfect guy to be running the show this season.

For the first time in a long time, it will be difficult for fans to readily identify a “favorite player” in a Kentucky uniform. But make no mistake, Ashton Hagans will stand out even on this uber-talented team and will have Big Blue Nation behind him from the get-go.

If you enjoy exciting plays and seeing the ball pushed up the court at lightning speeds, Hagans is your guy.

Is it November 6th yet?